Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Life at Lakehurst! 11/2913 - 12/03/13

These past 4 days have been a wild blast. Curtis Geer The Engineer aka Daddy C aka C, Man is a fuckin' boss and an awesome person. I haven't felt this inspired in a long time. s/o to Nikki and Kelsey for puttin up with our asses sleepin' on the couch til 2 and Hangin' Cheeks all over the house.. K-Liquid and Pat Real made the trip and  layed down some cuts for the Mixtape ...I also wanna apologize for Pat's excessive Chief Keef playlist... He really means well. The Mixtape is in its Last Trimester so "Open up your mind, get closer to the light" and catch you a vibe Jan 5th! A wise man told me "Life's a bagel, Spread That Jam" ...I starred at him real hard and forgot what happend after that. Anyway... Get Happy or Don't.. It's really up to you. Increase The Peace and Listen to My Music! You know I Love You,
Live From Lakehurst Stuidos, Peace.
-Jade M. Koth