Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Fuckin' April

John Legend was in Florida last week. 
It simply began as a phenomenal get a way down south to The 954, Hollywood, FL with my homegirl Nicole. 
We had caught a hella good vibe, John Legend was in town, so you know we had to hit that up. 
I've been to Hardcore Shows, Hip Hop Shows, Broadway Musicals, Festivals and all other types of Concerts... but there was so much energy in this little arena was undiscribale 
after the Legend gig we bumped into a band jammin' called Caesars Groove. 
They were on some funky funk live shit... '
Cole Ma and I couldnt help but dance the night away (literally, random people were filmin' us) 
we are probably somewhere on the internet

that was a night in April. <3