Sunday, November 22, 2015

5 years...

I'm pretty sure this starts out the same every year but I still cannot believe its been 5 years now :( 
I still have your number locked in my phone and from time to time I start thinkin' I could give it a buzz and you would pick up. I miss your atmosphere and the knowledge you would drop on my friends and I when you would come to town. I feel like right before you passed we started to really connect on a more mature "adult" level. 
I've been on the music heavy and taking it more serious than ever. I wish we could collaborate and bridge the 20 year gap of influence to make something beautiful. 
I still have your videos and photographs to remind me of who you were. 
If you were still around there would probably be no Jade Koth​ ..and I wouldnt mind that 1 bit. 
At times I lose focus but its not long before you bring me back to reality. 
I love you and I miss you Always. 
2 The Wind.