Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Rest in Peace Joey Derise

I Love You
Thank you for all the knowledge you gave me while you were here. 
I should have listened more when I was younger, but I'm blessed to have known you and got to really kick it and get on the same level with you. 
Nowadays it seems like that stuff seems few and far between.. 
I really wish I could pick up the phone and give you a buzz and just chat. 
About music, about women, about anything... you truley were an amazing person and I wish I would have had more times as an adult with you. 
I'll always love you and I'll always keep your spirit alive. 
2 The Wind

Saturday, November 22, 2014

I can't believe its been 4 years.

Things haven't been the same since you left for "The Great Unknown". 

I know deep down you continue to guide my idiot friends and I from highway to highway and help us make it from gig to gig. 
It's gotten a little easier, but not really. I'll always love you and I'll never stop thinkin' about you.

RIP Uncle Joe. 1969 - 2010, 
Joseph Anthony Derise Experience Kings Of The Highway 

Friday, November 21, 2014

December 20th Show at The High Dive (More details to come)

I had a blast this past weekend in Gainesville, FL at The High Dive. My Dead Fly Radio Family and I will be returning to The High Dive on December 20th (more details when I figure them out) Come out and party hard! If you snap any photos from any events please Hashtag 'em #JadeKoth #SpreadThatJam #KeepMusicFun Thanks always for the support. I had a blast meeting a lot of people this weekend. I can't wait to see everybody again! 
-Jadewick Wellington

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Slight resemblance to Randy Wellbrock

What I'm doing goes deeper than the roots of Hip-Hop.. I'm not doing this for fame or fortune. With the essence of enjoying what you do and really becoming one with your craft is a beautiful thing. I'm working everyday at getting better as a person as well as a musician.. You don't have to call me "Jade" if you don't want to.. That's not my real name and I am not a fictional character. Whats goin' on right now is real. You can touch it and hopefully in return it touches you. This isn't a shot at anybody so please don't take what you're reading out of context. Remember me as Wellbrock or Jade The King of Silence either way its all good because behind it all I'm still Randy Wellbrock.. and that is as real as it gets.
-Randy, The Actor who plays JADE KOTH