Saturday, July 5, 2014

Lately i've been workin' on some things both professionally and personally. I'm very excited to give you some good news. Be on the lookout for new music videos in the next couple of weeks for 'A Better Way', Feelin Good, Feelin Great and a few others... New material is currently being written still. I have no date on when I'm releasing any of the new, but as soon as it has been through Lakehurst and is all polished and nice I'll will be more than excited to give it to you. I got another batch of shirts comin' too, Im taking pre-orders ($12) before they arrive so if your interested in lookin fly as fuck holler at me for some gear . I'm also excited to announce a local show in Crystal River @ The Liquid Lagoon w/Cortes Ent. for The Black Light Party July 18! I dont play out local much so all my local citrus folk come out and have a blast! I'm still alive.. get a cool pair of shades.. the future looks bright :)

-The Jadester