Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Life at Lakehurst! 11/2913 - 12/03/13

These past 4 days have been a wild blast. Curtis Geer The Engineer aka Daddy C aka C, Man is a fuckin' boss and an awesome person. I haven't felt this inspired in a long time. s/o to Nikki and Kelsey for puttin up with our asses sleepin' on the couch til 2 and Hangin' Cheeks all over the house.. K-Liquid and Pat Real made the trip and  layed down some cuts for the Mixtape ...I also wanna apologize for Pat's excessive Chief Keef playlist... He really means well. The Mixtape is in its Last Trimester so "Open up your mind, get closer to the light" and catch you a vibe Jan 5th! A wise man told me "Life's a bagel, Spread That Jam" ...I starred at him real hard and forgot what happend after that. Anyway... Get Happy or Don't.. It's really up to you. Increase The Peace and Listen to My Music! You know I Love You,
Live From Lakehurst Stuidos, Peace.
-Jade M. Koth

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Point - Fingernoid Slink

15 years ago my Uncle Joey left a cd at my house for me to listen to. I was probably around 8-9 when he left it.. Long story short I always blew past this cd on the rack. 
being a young ass kid the cover never really made sense to me I just thought it was gonna be some wild ass 90's music...

...anyway Mark and I were driving down to Lakehurst and we didn't have no music. I asked my sister for some cd's and she came out with the most random shit. Kris Kross, Lord Tariq and Peter Guns, Nirvana, Ace of Base and there was that random ass cd from the rack.. album called 'Fingernoid Slink' by a band called The Point. I don't know much about this band. I tried to do some research on 'em and I really couldn't find much, but this album has become one of my favorite albums I've ever heard. Musically its trip as fuck and produced very well. I cant put my finger on the sound of this band because every song sounds a bit different then the last, but thats what makes this album so good. its only 9 tracks and 48 minutes. Cover to cover this album is a good vibe and I definitely recommend it in your shuffle. It might be hard to find... but if you want a copy e-mail at JadeKoth@gmail.com This music is way to good to be forgotten.

....and there you go. New music for your ears thats 20 years old.
#KeepMusicFun #SpreadThatJam

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Fuckin' April

John Legend was in Florida last week. 
It simply began as a phenomenal get a way down south to The 954, Hollywood, FL with my homegirl Nicole. 
We had caught a hella good vibe, John Legend was in town, so you know we had to hit that up. 
I've been to Hardcore Shows, Hip Hop Shows, Broadway Musicals, Festivals and all other types of Concerts... but there was so much energy in this little arena was undiscribale 
after the Legend gig we bumped into a band jammin' called Caesars Groove. 
They were on some funky funk live shit... '
Cole Ma and I couldnt help but dance the night away (literally, random people were filmin' us) 
we are probably somewhere on the internet

that was a night in April. <3

Thursday, March 28, 2013


Head over to www.JadeKoth.com 
New headquarters from The Dead Fly Family for your favorite rappers favorite rapper, Jade Koth. 
Im totally excited. Things are SLLLOOOOWYYY BUT SUUUREEEEELLLLLYYY happening. 
Forward is Forward.
Dig That.
Yours Truely! <3

w/Mark gettin' live