Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Point - Fingernoid Slink

15 years ago my Uncle Joey left a cd at my house for me to listen to. I was probably around 8-9 when he left it.. Long story short I always blew past this cd on the rack. 
being a young ass kid the cover never really made sense to me I just thought it was gonna be some wild ass 90's music...

...anyway Mark and I were driving down to Lakehurst and we didn't have no music. I asked my sister for some cd's and she came out with the most random shit. Kris Kross, Lord Tariq and Peter Guns, Nirvana, Ace of Base and there was that random ass cd from the rack.. album called 'Fingernoid Slink' by a band called The Point. I don't know much about this band. I tried to do some research on 'em and I really couldn't find much, but this album has become one of my favorite albums I've ever heard. Musically its trip as fuck and produced very well. I cant put my finger on the sound of this band because every song sounds a bit different then the last, but thats what makes this album so good. its only 9 tracks and 48 minutes. Cover to cover this album is a good vibe and I definitely recommend it in your shuffle. It might be hard to find... but if you want a copy e-mail at This music is way to good to be forgotten.

....and there you go. New music for your ears thats 20 years old.
#KeepMusicFun #SpreadThatJam