Wednesday, June 24, 2015

a show from a sweet girls really hot garage in Ocala

After one venue failed at hosting the scheduled show, The City of Ocala and a very sweet girl with a cool family allowed Myself, The Dead Fly Radio and 3 touring hardcore bands into their home and allowed us to preform in their garage. 
It's not what I expected playing "a house show" but it was a very dope sporadic experience. 
The garage itself was 400 degrees and most of the audience left do to the heat (or us, who knows?) but overall it was a wonderful experience getting back in touch with my hardcore roots and playing in Ocala for the first time in 8 years. 
we also did some networking with some new faces. 
I enjoy going to a place where we have never played and catching such a genuine authentic vibe, good or bad.. it doesnt get more honest then total strangers. 
I can't wait to come back to Ocala and play again. 

if you're in the Central Florida Area and need some killer shots both promo/live get at my homegirl Miranda Eliot, good prices and even greater work. 

-Jade, Super Lemonade In The Shade

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