Thursday, August 4, 2016

Recently, like over the last 6 months 'Recently', I have been on a strange vibe. I can't tell if it has to do with how things going on professional, or if its something deeper than I even know. 
Things have been moving forward at a turtle like pace. I'm not in any hurry. I'm just glad things are moving in the right direction. 
The 'Killing Bugs With Hockey Sticks' mixtape is finally done and will be ready for distribution in September through and Literally a handful of people put effort  into making this project work. It took a while but I think you'll enjoy the production. 

I wanna thank Kushgrams for supplying and allowing me to get with him on all the beats and really work together and catch the right vibe for these cuts, 

I wanna thank Bree for helping me burn a million CD's before gigs and putting together the artwork and graphic work for the posters, cover art and other challenges that require a MicronPen, 

I wanna thank Gunk for always staying patient and keeping a strong mind and always looking to learn more and help this project grow and distributing everything.

I wanna thank Daddy C for inviting me into Lakehurst and treating me to a hospitable and comfortable recording experience, also I think these are the cleanest sounding tracks to come out yet. 
Thank you guys for all your help. 
-Your Friend

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